Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Officer Election Results

On Tuesday October 19th nine students ran for FFA Chapter Officer. Two judges from Utah State University and Collegiate FFA assisted Ms. Newman in conducting interviews and group activities. The results are as follows...

President- Whittney Dansie

Vice President over Membership- S. Colten Wright

Vice President over Activities- Kevin Black

Secretary- Myranda Olsen

Treasurer- J. Stormy Sheppard

Sentinel- TeeKay Nelson

Reporter- Kendra Christensen

Historian-Nicholle Schumann

Public Relations Committee Chair- Brookelyn Wilson

Social Committee Chair- Kirsten Savage

Activities Committee Chair- Jou Savas

Financial Committee Chair- Hailey Smith

Thursday, September 16, 2010


As a new chapter one of the things we need to accomplish in order to become an official affilated chapter is to elect chapter officers. The chapter officer positions and responsibilities are listed below...

President- The chapter president is the leader of the chapter FFA organization. The president should help recruit new members, organize and conduct meetings, plan chapter activities, and represent the FFA in a positive light.

Vice President- The chapter vice president is charged with assisting the president in whatever ways possible. The vp is truly the work horse of the FFA organization.

Secretary- The chapter secretary is in charge of keeping minutes at meetings as well as up-dating the chapter roster, etc. The secretary must be reliable and have excellent communication skills.

Treasurer- The treasurer is responsible for the chapters finances including balancing the budget and check books as well as encouraging members to be financially stable and independent.

Reporter- The reporter is in charge of advertising chapter events as well as keeping the public and media informed about the great things that are happening in FFA. The reporter should be skilled at public relations and communications.

Sentinel- The sentinel is the officer in charge of keeping the room we meet in clean and orderly as well as welcoming everyone into the FFA. The sentinel should be friendly, hard-working, and passionate about FFA.

Chapter officer applications are currently available in Ms Newmans room and are due back to Ms Newman on Tuesday Sept 21st. Any students interested in running for FFA Officer need to pick up an application as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Herriman FFA meeting

Last Thursday was the first official meeting of the Herriman FFA chapter. Members and other students intreseted in joining FFA discussed the first activity, voted on changes to the chapter charter and constitution and learned about opportunities for competition. A roster was passed around and as of today there are 70 students signed up to become FFA members! Who knew that a brand new school could have so many wonderful students :) We are very excited to start this first year at Herriman High!

Yesterday was the FFA Ice Cream Social. Members talked, got to know each other, and signed up for teams that they are interested in. Candidates running for chapter officer introduced them selves to the members. Overall it was a great time! Chapter Officer Elections are next week, so look for the posting on this web site as to who will be leading our new organization this first year!

Monday, July 26, 2010


On Tuesday July 13th, four students from Herriman High and Ms Newman attended the one-day Chapter Leadership Conference hosted by Spanish Fork High School and the Utah FFA Association. At the conference students learned about facing the challenges ahead of them, dealing with conflict, and building a successful Program of Activities (POA). With the help of Ms Newman, these four students are helping to construct a chapter constiution, coming up with fundraising ideas, and a Program of Activities for Herriman High for the school year 2010-2011.